FDA Regulations - Our thoughts and actions going forward Posted on 11 May 09:27 , 1 comment

UPDATE 5/20/16 Things could change for us before December 16th, because the FDA is requiring a "User fee" per product and we are not sure what this fee will be yet. If its out of our financial reach we may have to cut down our product line drastically. In that case we would keep as many of the most popular flavors as we are able to. 

UPDATE 5/22/16 After deep thought and discussion within the team, the only thing we agree on with the FDA regulations are keeping e juice out of youths hands. In an effort to make them appear less appealing to children, we will be updating our labels to  contain only our Logo, and the name of the E juice along with proper warnings, nicotine strength, pg/vg ratio, etc. We appreciate your support and understanding.

 Last week was a very tough week for the Ecig and Ejuice community. The FDA finalized its regulations which in two years time will essentially wipe out 99% of your favorite e- juices, mods, etc. Very few companies will be able to put down the estimated 300K+ per SKU in their inventory to have the FDA test and either approve or reject their product (probably reject). Not much will change on our end (with a few exceptions) going forward for the next two years. However after that, us along with most other e juice companies will be out of business. In an effort to save the vaping community we ask that you contact your state representative and ask them to support the Cole-Bishop Amendment . What this would do if passed, would allow all products introduced up until 2016 to stay on the market with out the FDA application. Below is a link you can go to that will quickly get you the information you need to do your part. From one former smoker to another, lets unite and do our part.

We have three months time to introduce new products. While we would love to go crazy and introduce 20+ flavors, this is not realistic as the process takes time (more than three months). We will work on 10-12 stellar flavors and leave it at that, so be on the lookout!

Starting August 8th, we will no longer be able to give out free samples (due to the FDA regs) hence why we have added on an option for you to purchase a sample for .10 cents. The same will go for drip tips. We will charge .25 cents. The cost of the drip tips to us is about 1.20 per drip tip. We would love to keep giving these away for free but according to the FDA they are a "tobacco ENDS product"!!!



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Update 5/23/16 - Due to the high volume in sales we are no longer able to pre steep the e liquids we normally do. The following flavors we recommend a 1-2 week steep time.


* Slevin

* Bunny Bait

* Aphrodisiac

* Leprechaun

* Morning Delight


We have had quite a few requests on recommended steeping procedures for our Premium E liquids. Since, as most of you know we sell mainly bakery type flavors our e liquids may require a bit more steeping time. We only make a few of our flavors in bulk therefore, they may have 1-2 weeks steep time before being shipped out to you. Below you will find a list of our pre-steeped e-liquids along with a list of made to order e-juices and their corresponding recommended steep time. You will also find some helpful steeping hints and tips.

CDV's Pre-Steeped Premium E Liquids include:

* Slevin

* Bunny Bait

* Aphrodisiac

* Leprechaun

* Morning Delight

CDV's "Made to Order" Premium E Liquids and the corresponding recommended steep times include:

~ Banana Ride - 1-2 Weeks

~ Banana in Pajamas - 1-2 Weeks

~ Booberry Creamed Pie - 2-4 weeks

~ Caramel My Apple - 1-2 Weeks

~ Carpe Noctum - 1-3 Days

~ CDV's Egg Nog - 1-2 Weeks

~ Chastity Belt - 1-2 Weeks

~ Dairyere - ~ 1 Week

~ Double O Slevin - ~ 1 Week

~ Float My Boat - 1-2 Weeks

~ Gina's Pina Colada - ~ 1 Week

~ Jonnie Roncher - 1-3 Days

~ Lemon My Cupcake - 2-4 weeks

~ Make Whoopie - ~ 1 Week

~ Mango Me - 3-5 Days

~ Munch Crunch - ~ 5-7 Days

~ Nice Pears - 3-5 Days

~ NomNom - ~ 1 Week

~ Praline Dream ~ 1 Week

~ Puffy Clouds - 3-5 Days

~ Pumpkin Slevin ~ 1 Week

~ Push My Pop - 1-2 Weeks

~ Razzleberry - 1-2 Weeks

~ Sexy Like A... - 1-2 Weeks

~ Strawberry NomNom - ~ 1 Week

~ Water My Melons - 1-2 Weeks

~ Whip It - 3-5 days

~ Witch Hunt - 2-4 Weeks


Remember all these recommended steep times are approximate and could require more or less time. We recommend trying it out of the box, and if it does not taste quite close to the description of the flavor, let it steep and try again in a few days.

There are many ways to steep e juice. One being just giving it "time" occasionally "airing" the e juice or taking the cap off for 10 minutes or so (be sure to put the bottle out of reach of children and pets). Another method is to get a crock pot and fill it half way or so with water, turn it on low and put your bottle of e juice (with cap on of course) in a water tight zip lock baggy and let it sit for about 1 hour or so checking on it every 10-15 minutes to make sure its not leaking or hot to the touch. If you do these 30 minute sessions a few days in a row it should greatly speed up the steeping time of your e juice.

 Now that your e juice is steeped, you may want to try drip vaping to get the ultimate flavor experience.





New Texas Laws for Age Verification - SB 97 Posted on 15 Sep 10:52 , 0 comments

In order to ensure compliance with the new law that goes in to effect on October 1st 2015, CDV will now be verifying the age of all of our customers through a service called Veratad. You will not need to do anything on your part however if your age can not be verified through the Veratad service we will send you an email asking you to provide us with a photo copy of your drivers license before we can ship your order out (It is important that the address on your ID matches the address your order is being shipped to). All Texas customers will also require a signature upon delivery. We will be covering this cost on our end. If you are not home to sign for your package you can always pick it up on Saturday after you show the postal office your I.D.

In addition we will now be selling all of our Sampler packs in child proof bottles along with any free samples that might be sent with your order. This is to comply with the law and provide a safer vaping community.

We value our customers and want to make this required transition as smooth as possible. We thank you for your continued business and support.


The CDV Team 

Introducing Our New Vaping Rewards Program Posted on 29 Apr 13:07 , 5 comments

If you haven't enrolled for our rewards program, be sure to check it out. Score discounts and points towards more of your favorite flavors. Sign up before your next purchase to start receiving rewards for simply purchasing what you already love. It will allow you to get even more of what you love: ejuice! You will also want to subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on events, discounts and new products. We're hoping for a fun and engaging summer this year at CDV and you're invited! 

Ejuice Reviews and Choice Award Winners for Carpe Diem Vapor Posted on 16 Apr 10:01 , 1 comment

Carpe Diem Vapor now has three Spinfuel Choice Award winners. Slevin, Chastity Belt, Booberry Creamed Pie and a near miss with our pipe tobacco blend, Witch Hunt. We appreciate the time that was taken to sample our ejuice and giving us excellent glowing reviews.
As many of you already know, Slevin is our apple pie a la mode style vape, some would even say apple fritter. It's a smooth, delicious balance of sweet with layers of bakery flavors. Cream, light cinnamon, brown sugar and of course, apple. It's one of our top sellers and it's been a part of our original line when CDV first came to be. We've also created a pumpkin pie version of Slevin and a bolder Double o' Slevin for our die hard Slevin fans.
Spinfuel was awesome and mentioning our amazing discounts on 120ml bottles. Check back often to see what's new. Especially our discounts and special offers section. You may also want to consider signing up for an account to receive exclusive coupon codes and holiday discounts on premium eliquid flavors.

Keep on vaping on,
The Team at Carpe Diem Vapor

Flavor changes and update on PG/VG ratio options Posted on 7 Apr 08:56 , 0 comments

Hope everyone is doing well! Just a quick update on the PG/VG options we will soon be adding. We are still working hard on this and hope to have the options available to everyone in the next 2-3 weeks. There will be 2 or 3 flavors that can only be selected at 50/50, this is because it simply does not taste as it should at any different ratio.

On another note. We will be changing around recipes for the following flavors:

Water My Melons

Peach Patch

Rest assured if you want the original recipe, you can always specify so in the special instructions box at checkout.

Your friends @ CDV

Soon we will be offering PG/VG ratio options on most flavors! Posted on 27 Mar 10:32 , 0 comments

Good news! Very soon we will be offering different PG/VG ratios. We understand that many people have sensitivities to PG.

Slevin is a tricky flavor and one that definitely is altered by the ratio of PG/VG so that flavor may not be immediately available to choose your ratio.

We hope to have this implemented with in the next two weeks. Thank you CDV customers for your continued support!

New Website Posted on 24 Mar 12:18 , 0 comments

We hope you enjoy browsing our new website. We hope it provides you with a better online shopping experience! Any feedback, please contact us @