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Update 5/23/16 - Due to the high volume in sales we are no longer able to pre steep the e liquids we normally do. The following flavors we recommend a 1-2 week steep time.


* Slevin

* Bunny Bait

* Aphrodisiac

* Leprechaun

* Morning Delight


We have had quite a few requests on recommended steeping procedures for our Premium E liquids. Since, as most of you know we sell mainly bakery type flavors our e liquids may require a bit more steeping time. We only make a few of our flavors in bulk therefore, they may have 1-2 weeks steep time before being shipped out to you. Below you will find a list of our pre-steeped e-liquids along with a list of made to order e-juices and their corresponding recommended steep time. You will also find some helpful steeping hints and tips.

CDV's Pre-Steeped Premium E Liquids include:

* Slevin

* Bunny Bait

* Aphrodisiac

* Leprechaun

* Morning Delight

CDV's "Made to Order" Premium E Liquids and the corresponding recommended steep times include:

~ Banana Ride - 1-2 Weeks

~ Banana in Pajamas - 1-2 Weeks

~ Booberry Creamed Pie - 2-4 weeks

~ Caramel My Apple - 1-2 Weeks

~ Carpe Noctum - 1-3 Days

~ CDV's Egg Nog - 1-2 Weeks

~ Chastity Belt - 1-2 Weeks

~ Dairyere - ~ 1 Week

~ Double O Slevin - ~ 1 Week

~ Float My Boat - 1-2 Weeks

~ Gina's Pina Colada - ~ 1 Week

~ Jonnie Roncher - 1-3 Days

~ Lemon My Cupcake - 2-4 weeks

~ Make Whoopie - ~ 1 Week

~ Mango Me - 3-5 Days

~ Munch Crunch - ~ 5-7 Days

~ Nice Pears - 3-5 Days

~ NomNom - ~ 1 Week

~ Praline Dream ~ 1 Week

~ Puffy Clouds - 3-5 Days

~ Pumpkin Slevin ~ 1 Week

~ Push My Pop - 1-2 Weeks

~ Razzleberry - 1-2 Weeks

~ Sexy Like A... - 1-2 Weeks

~ Strawberry NomNom - ~ 1 Week

~ Water My Melons - 1-2 Weeks

~ Whip It - 3-5 days

~ Witch Hunt - 2-4 Weeks


Remember all these recommended steep times are approximate and could require more or less time. We recommend trying it out of the box, and if it does not taste quite close to the description of the flavor, let it steep and try again in a few days.

There are many ways to steep e juice. One being just giving it "time" occasionally "airing" the e juice or taking the cap off for 10 minutes or so (be sure to put the bottle out of reach of children and pets). Another method is to get a crock pot and fill it half way or so with water, turn it on low and put your bottle of e juice (with cap on of course) in a water tight zip lock baggy and let it sit for about 1 hour or so checking on it every 10-15 minutes to make sure its not leaking or hot to the touch. If you do these 30 minute sessions a few days in a row it should greatly speed up the steeping time of your e juice.

 Now that your e juice is steeped, you may want to try drip vaping to get the ultimate flavor experience.