Pumpkin Slevin

$ 7.00


Mmmm... Pumpkin Pie!
*After many requests, we've decided to keep Pumpkin Slevin available year round!*

There were whispers and talk about it. A seasonal Slevin that packed a punch of pumpkin spice! For a limited time only, we've replaced our beloved award winning e-juice's apple, with delicious harvest pumpkin. Let's spice up your Autumn days and nights. If you are both a pumpkin and a Slevin lover, you're sure to Fall for Pumpkin Slevin, too! Love Slevin? Everything you love about Slevin, minus the apple and kicked up with pumpkin and seasonal spice.

Note: Recommended steep time for Pumpkin Slevin is the same with our original. It's great right out of the bottle but like any complex e-juice, it's depth and complexity will really begin to shine after steeping. We recommend 1 - 2 weeks "natural" steep if you've recieved a new batch and your juice appears a more "clear" color.